Toolkit for diversity management

Within the Diversity management toolkit, we brought together knowledge and insights collected in the first stages of the project, where the consortium worked on a qualitative study on legislation, policies and strategies, funding, statistical analysis of disadvantaged groups, and the identification of opportunities and challenges for a diverse community (target groups of the project) at risk of social exclusion. 

The main emphasis of this document was on people with disabilities, and people with emotional and physical challenges, however, the core idea of the hereinafter gathered information was to serve all beneficiaries and target groups identified in the project and to enhance other Intellectual outputs. The objective of this document was also to widen the dimension of the support actions targeting the beneficiaries, extending the intervention elements needed for a successful integration process from the perspective of beneficiaries and professionals when working with disadvantaged groups.

Diversity management toolkit therefore strived for the inclusion of different perspectives and built its contents and approach including:

  • Theoretical background of diversity management in general (working and learning environments and settings)
  • User/participant - mentor/professional scope of diversity management
  • Suggestions for establishing/running a social inclusion program
  • Connection to other projects' results rationale and connectivity to IO4

Find available the diversity management toolkit: 

English: Diversity management_eng.pdf

Other languages: 

Italian: Diversity management _ IT.pdf

Romanian: Diversity management - Romanian.pdf

Serbian: Diversity management - SERBIAN.pdf

SlovenianDiversity management_SI.pdf

Spanish: Diversity management_ ES.pdf

Swedish: Diversity Management_SV.pdf